Sinarsky Pipe Works (Production process)

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Rolling Shop

The today`s rolling shop has grown from the strip-rolling shop, which was evacuated from the Leningrad plant. Its equipment was at the time installed on the production sites of the structural shapes shop. In 1941 the shop put out its first products for the needs of defense.

In 1970 the strip-rolling shop was incorporated in the structure of the pipe-drawing shop No 1 as a strip-rolling bay.

In 1991 the shop was separated from the pipe-drawing shop No 1 to form an independent department, the rolling shop.

The rolling shop puts out strip rolled stock from carbon steel grades 08, 10, 20, which is partially utilized at the works to manufacture rolled-up and soldered pipes and electrically welded pipes. The rest of the strip stock is sold as marketable goods.

Brief description of strip rolling process:

  • Arrival of cold-rolled sheet slab to storage area.
  • Strip rolling in cold-rolling mills.
  • Strip light annealing in shielding atmosphere in ???-160 furnaces.
  • Strip longitudinal cutting in circular shears.
  • Finished strip acceptance and shipment.

Due to replacement of hot-rolled sheet slab with cold-rolled sheet slab, the operation of strip pickling has been excluded from the process. The shop`s pickling bay is closed since 1996, and its equipment dismantled.

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