Sinarsky Pipe Works (Production process)

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Pipe Drawing Shop No 2 (V-2)

Commissioned in December 1961. The shop puts out thin-walled, seamless, drawn, boiler, capillary pipes from low-alloy and carbon steels.

Process description on an example of pipes manufacture from steel 10 to size 26.5X1.5 (id 23.5) to TY 14-3-749 Specs (route 126 15)

Original tube stock, size 60X35.

Production process:

  1. Tube stock treatment before rolling in X?T mill.
    • Pickling in sulfuric acid solution, baths Nos 1v5.
    • Washing by dipping in cold running water (bath No 6).
    • Copper-plating in copper vitriol solution (bath No 7).
    • Washing by dipping in hot water (bath No 8).
    • Phosphatizing (bath No 9).
    • Neutralization in soda solution (baths Nos 10v11).
    • Saponification by dipping (bath No 12).
  2. Rolling in X?T-55 mill to size 32X1.6.
  3. Degreasing.
  4. Annealing in shielding atmosphere in furnace No 11.
  5. Straightening of carbon and alloyed steel pipes in 20-114 rolling mill No 1.
  6. Ends trimming and cutting in model M? 65 abrasive cutting-off machines.
  7. Heads insertion in B-242 swaging machine.
  8. Chemical treatment before drawing on short mandrel (similar to treatment before rolling)
  9. Drawing to final size from 32X1.6 to 26.5X1.5 (id 23.5) on short mandrel in drawbench No 1 (force 8 tons), or in draw bench No 13 (force 12 tons)
  10. Degreasing.
  11. Preliminary drawing in ?? 24 rolling mill.
  12. Final drawing in BPM-115 or 10-60 roll mill.
  13. Pipe ends trimming and cutting in model M? 65 cutting-off machines.
  14. Acceptance by Quality Inspection Department.
  15. Packing.
  16. Finished products warehousing

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