Sinarsky Pipe Works (Production process)

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Pipe Drawing Shop No 3 (V-3)

Commissioned in March 1974. Shop No 3 puts out seamless pipes from stainless steels and rolled-up and soldered pipes.

Brief description of production process

Production process of stainless steel pipes manufacture on an example of pipes manufacture from corrosion-resistant steel:

  1. In pipe manufacture bored and turned hot-rolled tube stock is used.
  2. Hot-deformed tube stock preparation to rolling in XПT mills.
    • Tube stock pack putting in production process.
    • External and internal edges chamfering on pipe ends, internal surface boring.
    • Chemical treatment or wiping of internal surface with compressed air blowing.
    • External surface machining.
    • Chemical treatment.
    • Heat treatment.
    • Brightening.
    • Straightening in roll mill.
    • External surface grinding in centerless grinder.
    • Chemical treatment.
    • Copper-plating of pipes internal and external surfaces.
    • Greasing.
    • Drying.
    • Rolling.
  3. Pipe treatment between runs in XПT mills.
  4. Pipe preparation for rolling in XПTP mills after XПT mills, pipe treatment between runs in XПTP mills.
  5. Pipe preparation to drawing after rolling in XПTP mills, pipe drawing.
  6. Pipe preparation to drawing after rolling in XПT mills, pipe drawing, pipe treatment between drawing runs.
  7. Pipe preparation to rolling in XПTP mills and after drawing.
  8. Pipe treatment with final sizes, finishing and acceptance.

Pipe chemical treatment process

The treatment of stainless steel pipes in shop V-3 includes pickling in nitric-hydrofluoric acid solution and alkaline-acid pickling (treatment in alkaline melt and brightening in acid solution). Chemical treatment of pipes is carried out in compliance with Specifications TИ 161 B-3-1411-9. Electrochemical treatment of pipes complies with TИ 161 B-3-1412-92.

Pickling is envisaged for hot-deformed tube stock before input control and heat treatment, and for hot-deformed tube stock and pipes of intermediate and final sizes after heat treatment in oxidizing atmosphere.

General route of pipes chemical treatment in pickling bay (on an example of hot-deformed tube stock from corrosive steel).

  1. Preliminary pickling in nitric-hydrofluoric acid or sulfuric-nitric salt solutions.
  2. Washing in cold water bath.
  3. Washing in hot water bath.
  4. Treatment in alkaline solution.
  5. Washing in cold water bath.
  6. Neutralization in sulfuric acid solution.
  7. Washing in cold water bath.
  8. Brightening in nitric-hydrofluoric acid solution.
  9. Washing in cold water bath.
  10. Flushing with water from high-pressure hose.
  11. Warming up in hot water bath.
  12. Drying.

Beside pickling in the course of chemical treatment of pipes, treatment includes application of process lubricants (graphite), grease primer coatings (copper-platting), and grease and coatings removal from pipes by degreasing.

Rolled-up and soldered pipes manufacturing process

  1. Strip treatment in copper-plating line.
  2. Forming.
  3. Soldering in ovens.
  4. Ends trimming, straightening in straightener.
  5. Instrument testing.
  6. Enlargement on drum.
  7. Zinc-plating of two-layer rolled-up and soldered pipes.
  8. Pipes finishing.

Strip copper-plating process

  1. Electrochemical degreasing.
  2. Scratch brushing.
  3. Washing in cold water in two steps.
  4. Electrochemical pickling.
  5. Washing in cold water in two steps.
  6. Nickel-plating.
  7. Washing in cold water in three steps.
  8. Copper-plating.
  9. Washing in cold water in three steps.
  10. Drying.

Rolled-up and soldered pipes zinc-plating process

  1. Electrolytic degreasing.
  2. Washing in three steps.
  3. Electrolytic pickling.
  4. Washing in two steps.
  5. Electrolytic zinc-plating.
  6. Washing in four steps.
  7. Brightening.
  8. Washing in three steps.
  9. Chrome-plating.
  10. Washing in two steps.

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