Sinarsky Pipe Works (Production process)

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Pipe Rolling Shop No 3 (T-3)

Commissioned in April 1997. The «80» pipe rolling mill of shop T-3 is designed for manufacture of 28 to 83 mm hot-rolled pipes, with 3.0-8.0 mm wall thickness from carbon and stainless steels. The pipes are utilized as tube stock for shops B-2, T-2, T-4 and shipped as marketable goods.

Brief description of production process:

  • Unloading, storage and inspection of tube stock transferred to shop at tube stock preparation bay (D = 120 mm, L = 5.0-9.8 m).
  • Tube stock heating in walking-floor gas furnace to 1180-1250 oC, tube stock cutting to lengths.
  • Tube stock piercing (to obtain thick-walled sleeve D = 120-127 mm, S = 15-22 mm, L = 4-6 m, piercing at temperature t = 1180-1250 oC).
  • Sleeve rolling on long floating mandrel (L = 19.5 m) in eight-stand continuous mill to obtain rough pipe with preset wall parameters (D = 92 mm; S = 3.5-8.0 mm; Lpipe = 19-30 m, rolling temperature t = 1000-1100 oC).
  • Pipe heating in induction heating unit to t = 850-950 oC and rolling in 24-stand sinking mill to obtain finished pipe with regard to diameter and wall thickness.
  • Pipe cooling to t = 90-100 oC.
  • Pipe cutting in piles to lengths in Wagner saws (Lpipe = 710 m).
  • Pipe finish in 3 finishing flow lines (pipes straightening, facing, blowing).
  • Pipe acceptance by Quality Inspection Department on QID tables.

Production bay T?A-60 was commissioned as a separate pipe rolling shop in December 1942. Reorganized from shop T-1 to bay No 1 of pipe rolling shop No 3 by order No 469 of Director General of 31.12.97 (later reorganized to production bay T?A-60 of shop T-3).

The bay puts out steel pipes, stainless pipes including, utilized as tube stock for drawing shops V-2 and V-3.

The production process at the bay includes the following operations:

  • tube stock breaking in shears;
  • tube stock heating in continuous furnace;
  • tube stock centering in hot state with pneumatic gun;
  • tube stock piercing to thick-walled sleeve in skew expanding mill;
  • pipe rolling in ???-60 continuous pipe rolling mill;
  • extraction of mandrels from pipes in two core extractors;
  • pipe heating in sinking mill furnace;
  • pipe rolling in sinking mill;
  • pipe cooling on cooling tables;
  • pipe conditioning for further utilization in pipe drawing shops, or commercial finishing as per GOST requirements.

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