Sinarsky Pipe Works (Production process)

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Pipe Rolling Shop No 2 (T-2)

Commissioned in December 1975.

Oriented to production of pipes for oil industry: drill pipes, pipes for casing and tubing strings, pump-compressor and general-application pipes.

The production process includes hot rolling of pipes.

Hot-rolled pipe manufacture (on an example of manufacture of tube stock for casing string pipes):

  1. Tube stock arrival.
  2. Tube stock heating to t = 90 oC in hot-water bath to exclude cracking in the process of pipe breaking in shears.
  3. Tube stock breaking in press-shears to 2500 mm lengths.
  4. Tube stock heating in circular furnace to t = 1280 oC.
  5. Hot rolling of pipes in pipe rolling unit ТПА-140.
    • Tube stock broaching in piercing mill.
    • Sleeve rolling in lengthwise rolling mills No 1 and No 2.
    • Pipe rolling in reeling mill.
    • Pipe rolling in sizing mill.
  6. Pipe cooling in screw cooler.
  7. Pipe cooling in chain cooler.
  8. Smooth pipes finishing.
    • Pipes straightening in straightener PBK600x3.
    • Pipe ends cutting in pipe cutting mills 91A15.
    • Pipes blowing in blowing machines.
    • Acceptance by Quality Inspection Department.
  9. Thermal treatment of pipes.
    • Thermal treatment of pipes in continuous gas furnaces with continuous-action conveyor table, working temperature from 950 to 1200 oC. The furnaces operate in continuous duty (no off-duty cycles during work shift), pipes are fed to the furnace for thermal treatment continuously one after the other, the furnace ports being permanently open.
    • Pipe cooling in chain cooler.
  10. Pipe instrument testing.
  11. Shipment to customers (including transfer to shop T-4).

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